Avanor is a (not so) quick-growing roguelike game with easy ADOM-like user interface
Avanor, The 
Land Of Mystery Avanor, The Land Of Mystery  
Avanor, The Land Of Mystery

For two monthes the site was down. Now Avanor is up again. Version 0.6.0 will be available soon!


After almost 2 years break, new development version of Avanor released. It is still not playable and only for Win32 platforms. However world of Avanor is described by the Lua script now. You can download this version from here.


Avanor v.0.5.7 released.


Avanor v.0.5.6 released.


Avanor is Open Sourced since this week. Get more info from our forum.


Avanor v.0.5.3 released. Special thanks to Uriah Otting for providing descriptions for all creatures.


There are lots of people, who are asking about how to make output in console under win32 and I have decided to put sources with sample how to work with console here.

changes v.0.5.8
  1. Fixed bug with traps
  2. Support for compilation with modern compilers
  3. FHS compatibility
changes v.0.5.7
  1. Added special rooms with creatures
  2. New monsters: Vampire, Grey Jellies
  3. Furniture and Traps
  4. Avanor castle is now part of a capital city
  5. Added pikes and halberds
  6. Many bugfixes
   full list of fixes.


download -> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=167087